Constantly Tired? Your Mattress May Be to Blame

A good night’s sleep is a big part of a healthy and energetic lifestyle. When you don’t get sufficient rest, it shows. So choosing the right mattress can mean the difference between a restful and rejuvenating night and a fitful, unpleasant one.

Sleep experts have long preached the importance of a high- quality innerspring mattress and warned people to avoid fads like air and water mattresses. Industry authorities also stress an equally important aspect of healthy sleeping – the size of your mattress.

“Research into sleep habits shows that a healthy sleeper turns between 40 and 60 times a night, including around a dozen full-body turns,” said Arthur Grehan, executive director of the American Innerspring Manufacturers, a nonprofit trade group based in Memphis, Tenn.

That’s a lot of motion for one person sleeping on a standard 38-inch-wide twin bed and it’s often even more noticeable for two people on a 53-inch-wide double bed, Grehan said.

So what is the proper mattress for you? AIM recommends following these guidelines when choosing mattresses for your family members.

* Teenagers: Once your child becomes a teenager, consider upgrading to a double-size innerspring mattress for maximum rest.

* Single adults: Single adults should aim for a sleep space that is at least 40 inches wide. A double bed is recommended.

* Couples: Adults will likely find maximum comfort if they have at least 30 inches each. That means a queen bed for average-sized adults or a king bed if the couple is above average in size.

“We learn more and more each day about the importance of sleep in daily health and performance,” said Grehan. “I hope people take this information seriously.”

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