Best Cotton Blanket

Best Cotton Blanket

A good cotton blanket can go a long way to getting a good night’s sleep. Keep yourself smug as a bug with these great cotton blankets.

You’ve got your nighttime routine sorted. You’ve brushed your teeth and switched the appliances off. Tomorrow is an important day and you’re ready to sleep early enough. The alarm is set. You’re ready for the land of nod and then you feel uncomfortable. 

The cotton blanket isn’t right. It’s not soft enough, not breathable enough, not comfortable enough. You know the pillows and the duvets are suited yet the blanket just isn’t doing the job. It’s a nightmare if you can’t fall asleep easily. You need to get a cotton blanket that’s ideal for you.

The best cotton blankets are the ones you can rely upon. They don’t require much fuss but you know they work. They’re there for you, as soon as you get in bed and pull up the covers. Great for snuggling up under too when you need some comfort. Before you wonder if they’re worth the investment, ask yourself how much you deserve a good night’s sleep.

Best For Versatility

Bedsure 100% Cotton Blankets Queen Size for Bed

Bedsure 100% Cotton Blankets Queen Size for Bed

Whether you want it in grey, beige, blue or dark grey, the Bedsure 100% Cotton Blanket is incredibly versatile. No matter the time of the year, this blanket can be for all seasons.

With 405 GSM (grams per square meter), this is both a thick and thin blanket. That’s due to a waffle weave, it’s heavy enough when it’s cold to be cozy yet light and breathable enough in summer. The cotton is completely ring-spun giving the blanket a soft, comfortable feel. 

You’ll want to look after this decadent blanket. Ideally, keep it away from sharp objects which can get hooked in the waffle weaves. When washing, keep it in a mesh bag in cold water on a gentle cycle. At 90” x 90”, the size also means it can be taken on camping trips or kept for napping. The design is also stylish enough to be used as a throw blanket in your living room. For the bedroom, a selvage edge can add that finishing touch.


  • Wide Range – Can be found in a range of sizes and colors
  • Glorious Texture – The waffle design looks and feels luxurious
  • Thick Design – The waffle weave design is a sizeable 405 GSM
  • Selvage Edge – A self-finished edge to the blanket makes it ideal for the bedroom


  • Lint Shedding – Such a thick design means it can shed lint and fray over time

Best As A Throw Blanket

Longhui Cable Knit Cotton Light Throw Blanket

Longhui Cable Knit Cotton Light Throw Blanket

Some cotton blankets are just ideal for snuggling. They’re the right size and the right design to throw on one or two. The Longhui Cable Knit Light Throw Blanket is that blanket. At just 2.5 pounds, it’s ideal for summer as it’s light enough not to weigh you down. That makes it ideal as an accessory in the home, on a trip, or at the beach. 

The size itself is just right. At 50” x 60”, this blanket can be draped over one or even two shoulders without feeling heavy. The blanket can even be used as a gift as it comes with a washing bag and is wrapped in a silk bow tie. From the purest of cotton, the blanket is a cable knit design. As well as looking stylish, it’s shrink-proof, static-free, and fade-resistant. It’s also been crafted to remain elastic and strong so you don’t look to replace it.


  • Lightweight – Weighs just over two pounds which is easy enough to carry on your shoulder
  • Ease of Care – Washing machine safe and comes with a washing bag
  • Snug and Cozy – The texture is reminiscent of a favorite sweater
  • Adult Size – At 50” x 60” this is the ideal XL size for most adults to throw on


  • Best as a throw blanket so better for the edge of the bed rather than on top

Best For Elegant Texture

Utopia Bedding Cotton Queen Blanket

Utopia Bedding Cotton Queen Blanket

A relatively thin and lightweight blanket is ideal for most climates. It can be used as a throw blanket on the couch or the bed. However, we all want that touch of class in our home so consider the Utopia Bedding Cotton Blanket.

Essentially for that design. Staggered dobby weave with waffle weave squares is great for contemporary bedrooms. Subtle yet elegant, it’d look great in many different colors.

At 350 GSM, this thermal blanket should keep you cool on a hot summer night. However, in winter throw it on to keep you warm at night. Then there’s the versatility. Three sizes of beds from Twin, to Queen and King.

You could select the blanket in eight different colors including beige, gray, brown, burgundy, plum, safe green, white, Wedgewood, and teal. The care instructions are also flexible.

These cotton blankets can be tumble-dried or simply hung up to dry. Ideally, this should be washed separately the first time.


  • Subtle Design – Staggered dobby weave alongside waffle weave squares on completely ring-spun cotton, classy.
  • Lightweight and Breathable – Thin and premium enough to be used on the bed or as a throw blanket
  • Suitable All-Year-Round – With 350 GSM it should keep you cool in summer and cozy in winter
  • Range of Sizes and Colors – Choose from three sizes and eight different colors 


  • Starts Rough – The fabric is decidedly rough yet smooths out over time

Best For Babies

aden + anais Swaddle Blanket

aden + anais Swaddle Blanket

Babies can be difficult when it comes to most things. Getting them to sleep is one of them yet the aden + anais Swaddle Blanket will help. With silky soft organic cotton muslin, these blankets are breathable and luxurious. Each blanket is just a single layer so should keep a baby cozy.

Just what you want for your delicate baby’s skin. The swaddle blankets are already pre-washed so you need not worry about the softness. These should bring a well-deserved good night’s sleep for the baby and parent.

These swaddle blankets come in a set of four. You could use one as a burp cloth, another as a cover for the stroller. One could be used as a blanket in the cot and another as a nursing cover.

Each blanket comes with an individual design so you can mix them up. The blankets have been specifically designed to ensure that babies are comfortable and not overheated. This set of blankets is also great as a gift.


  • High-Quality Muslin – Very breathable with a natural give which is ideal for babies
  • Pre-washed – Each swaddle blanket is pre-washed meaning it’s already supremely soft
  • Set of Four – With separate designs, the set of four is versatile and stylish
  • Multi-Use – Great as a swaddle sack, receiving blanket, or stroller cover
  • Snug –  Specifically designed for bedtime to keep babies from overheating


  • Large Size – At 47” x 47” these may be too big for a newborn

Best For Summer

Threadmill 100% Pure Cotton, Soft Blanket

Threadmill 100% Pure Cotton, Soft Blanket

Most blankets are designed for comfort. The Threadmill 100% Pure Cotton Soft Blanket is designed for summer coziness.

High-quality pure cotton herringbone is an accessible kind of luxury. One that allows you to sleep comfortably yet is sustainable enough for the home. That means little compromise on style, comfort, and, most importantly, quality.

You can rest easy knowing that these blankets are made in a factory powered entirely by reusable energy. Not only do they come from a factory specializing in wind and solar energy, but the blankets also come in a reusable tote bag.

Whichever color you choose (sage, dark grey, blue or beige), it will last. The 100% long-staple cotton is designed for fewer loose fibers that can be washed without losing strength. This is a blanket that you know you can rely on for years and years.


  • Premium Softness – Pure cotton herringbone and loose weave makes this really cozy
  • Ideal Size – Measuring at 68” x 92” makes it ideal for a standard twin bed
  • All-Season Warmth – Breathable yet at 350 GSM should keep the warmth in
  • Long-Lasting Color – Remains vibrant in sage, dark grey, blue or beige
  • Free Tote Bag – Plastic-free packaging and the reusable tote bag is made from the same 100% cotton


  • Limited Shrinkage – This blanket may shrink yet only marginally

Best For All-Season Comfort

PHF 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket 

PHF 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket 

The PHF 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket is the mark of delicate craftsmanship. The ring-spun textile technology means this cotton blanket is stronger yet softer. All-Season Comfort shouldn’t compromise on shrinkage either which is why it comes in a 90” x 90” size.

You also need not worry about pilling or color fading. Nor loose threads or fraying. Designed to trap the heat during winter yet remain cool in a warmer climate. If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to a bulky blanket then this is the one for you. 

The waffle weave pattern brings an elegant finish to any room. Then there’s the range of colors, alongside classic charcoal and light gray come bold pink and blue.

Enough to make a statement as well as enjoy its standout quality. It’d look classy draped over shoulders or on the couch ready for snuggling. In the bedroom, the self-finished edge works well with most bed linens. 


  • All-Season Comfort – Soft, breathable cotton which absorbs moisture yet remain warm
  • Waffle Pattern – Ideal for the bedroom, traveling, or on the couch
  • Larger Size – This 90” x 90” size should accommodate for shrinkage after numerous washes
  • Bold Colors – Comes in vibrant pink, blue, charcoal, and light gray


  • Not Pet-Friendly – Claws may get snagged in the blanket design

Buyers’ Guide

If you’ve taken a nap and woken up covered in sweat, chances are you have an inadequate blanket. The best cotton blankets should feel amazing.

Whether in bed or snuggled under, there’s something truly comforting about your favorite cotton blanket. It’s also a traditional comfort yet one that has been adapted over time.While newer, more modern options of silk and fur have come into fashion, a cotton blanket remains supreme. 

As you’d expect, cotton blankets come in a range of sizes and shapes. You may want one for movie nights in with a tub of popcorn.

You may want a specific weave to add that extra comfort in bed. Your favorite cotton blanket should always be there. Whether you’re on the move, at a picnic, lounging in front of the TV, sleeping, or even adding something to fit the decor. The best cotton blanket is there for you and it should be versatile. 

Choosing the right cotton blanket depends on what you want. You may be after a simple, light one or maybe a heavier blanket for increased comfort.

There is also a range of designs to choose from. Some may be very luxurious yet shed so much lint. Certain cotton blankets would require frequent washing and some may fray over a period of time

The first thing you should consider is the size. You should already know where you want to place the blanket. If it’s on top of your bed then you need to take into consideration how big the bed is.

A lot of cotton blankets are fitted for twin, Queen and King sized beds so you should be able to find the right one. Ideally, you want a blanket that can fit your bed so you can then find other uses for it such as traveling or on the couch.

The color should also be appealing and there are several to choose from. Most cotton blankets come in traditional colors such as gray or beige.

For modern homes, you should also be prepared to make a statement so perhaps a pink or blue would suit. You may want to pick the room you want the blanket for then shop around for which color would complement the decor. 

Also, think long-term. For better value for money, you want a cotton blanket that you know will last. One that isn’t going to lose its color or quality over time. A cotton blanket where the threads won’t come loose or fray after multiple washes.

For this reason alone, most cotton blankets are machine washable. However, several may have instructions that they are not to be tumble dried and should be hung out to try.

You should also be looking at how breathable a cotton blanket is. Some can still keep in the heat yet remain breathable. Others can have stitching that allows for the natural flow of air, wicking away any sweat.

Most cotton blankets should be comfortable with a soft feel on your skin. You should also be content that your cotton blanket isn’t made using harmful chemicals.

The type of weave is also important. A waffle weave looks stylish and is functional enough to be considered thick and thin. The dobby weave is designed as tightly woven, effectively holding in all the fibers. 

A cotton blanket need not be changed for different seasons either. Such is the versatility of cotton blankets that they can be used for a variety of uses. In the bedroom, some blankets look great with a self-finished edge alongside bed linen. You may desire the blanket for extra comfort in winter and only need to change your duvet to a thicker design.

Alternatively, in summer you could use the same blanket as a throw blanket ready for snuggling on the couch. That same blanket could also be used as an extra layer at night time. Considering how cold it can get when the sun goes down, simply throwing on a blanket while wearing a shirt is enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GSM important? 

Generally speaking, the higher the GSM, the thicker the cotton blanket. GSM stands for grams per square meter and refers to the direct weight of the cotton blanket. 

Is cotton good for blankets?

For its natural comfort and luxuriously soft feel, cotton is the ideal material for blankets. An easy alternative is polyester yet the difference in quality is marked. For one, cotton is able to absorb moisture yet keep the temperature stable.

Cotton is also a breathable material that is ideal for warm conditions yet still be cozy. Polyester traps the heat in and keeps it there, meaning you’re warmer than normal. That can be uncomfortable hence why cotton is better suited for blankets.

Can a cotton blanket be taken with you?

Yes. A lot of blankets come with a relatively small GSM so should not weigh you down. This makes them ideal to throw on top of a sleeping bag or an extra layer while napping. Cotton blankets come in a variety of sizes too so a smaller size would be ideal to fit in a backpack or in the back of a car for long trips.

Cotton blankets are great as a beach accessory too and can be used for picnics. Just shake them of debris when you’re done then reuse them.

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