How To Fold An Air Mattress

Folding your mattress may seem like a difficult task, but it isn’t. You may want to fold the mattress yourself, but like most things in life, it is easier when you have company.

How to fold an air mattress

You first need to release all the air and fold it a couple of times and roll it up. If you do this successfully, you may be able to fit it in the original box.

However, here are some additional steps you can take to pack up your mattress and store it away.

Here’s How To Fold An Air Mattress Easily

So you have inflated the mattress, used it for a while and now you need to store it away.

Why should you bother learning how to fold an air mattress when you can just crumple it up and stuff it in the bag? Here is why.

Improper handling of the air mattress can cause air leaks, broken seams and other damages that can result in unintended deflation.

Firstly, ensure you are folding the mattress when you are not in a hurry. You need to take your time and do everything slowly to have the best results.

Follow these steps below to correctly fold your air mattress.

How to fold an air mattress

Deflate The Air Mattress

The process of deflation is generally easy. Begin by laying out your mattress on a flat surface and without any bedding on top.

The majority of air mattresses will have one valve specifically made to release air. Even if yours doesn’t, find and open the valve and let the mattress deflating begin.

If your mattress comes with an electric pump that will deflate it such as an intex air mattress, take the power cord and insert it in a socket.

After this, locate the control dial, choose deflation mode and turn the pump on. This should allow the mattress to start deflating. Once the bed is completely deflated, turn the electric pump off.

You now need to return the control settings to inflation so that it is on the correct setting for when you need to inflate the mattress next time.

Lastly, take the cord out of the socket and place it back in the cord compartment.

Get The Mattress Ready For Folding

How to fold an air mattress

Quick Reminder

you all need to be doing this on a completely flat surface which is free of sharp objects that could puncture your air mattress. Also remember to remove any hand jewelry whilst working.

If you are out camping, find a flat place and inspect the ground. Remove any pinecones, pebbles, branches and anything else that poses a risk to your mattress.

For added protection, you could put a large plastic sheet on the ground to block off any sharp objects. Remember to clean the plastic sheet beforehand

So you have deflated your air mattress, but it isn’t perfect yet for folding. There will still be air inside here and there. Use your hands to iron out the remaining creases to make it completely flat.

Fold The Air Mattress

If you would like to return the mattress to its original package, then you need to remember exactly how it was packed up.

Was it folded or just rolled? By returning it to the original way of folding, this will keep your air mattress in great shape for a long time and use up much less space.

Fold And Roll: One way to fold an air mattress is to firstly fold it in half lengthwise. Ensure all the edges are matching perfectly and then flatten the folded mattress once again. Next, roll it up slowly, from one side to the other, ensuring it is tight.

Fold Only: Just like the first method, begin by folding in half lengthwise and flattening out, and then fold it into neat squares. This will probably take two foldings.

Roll-Up: The easiest way is just to fold the air mattress from one end to the other. You can then secure the mattress with straps and put it in a storage sack. This will take up more space, but it is quite easy to unroll and use again.

Intex Mattresses: Intex air mattresses have a big chunk of boxed equipment on its leg side, so you need to fold it in a way that will leave the electric stuff peaking out and not tucked into the middle.

Depending on the size, you will need to fold once or twice lengthwise. Ensure that the pump is in the middle. Then take the other side and fold it twice or just roll it up. That is all it takes!

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to fold an air mattress isn’t a science. The first step is to deflate the mattress on an even, clear surface by removing a plug and opening the valve.

Secondly, you need to prepare the air mattress by pushing out extra air and evening out the mattress surface.

Now begin to fold the mattress by remembering the way it was folded when you bought it. Some are folded in half and then rolled up and some are folded into squares. Instead, you can roll it up if your model allows it.

If you are folding an Intex air mattress.ensure the plastic box containing electronic components is on the outside of the folded mattress.

Once folded, put the mattress in a storage sack or carrying bag and then leave it in a sturdy storage container. Air beds or air mattresses need to be stored in a dry room with temperature regulation.

By following this process, you will have an inflatable mattress that is good as new that you’ll love sleeping on for years to come!

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