How To Hide Adjustable Bed Frame

Do you hate how your adjustable bed frame looks? Not all bed frames are made equal, so if you want to hide your frame, take a look at these tips.

Adjustable beds are awesome. They help you get a better night’s sleep by supporting your body where it needs support. They have multiple hinges so that the frame can be inclined in different areas – a great way to keep your bones in a comfortable position. As great as they are, adjustable beds don’t have the most pleasant frames to look at, so people more often than not want to cover them. 

If you want to cover your adjustable bed frame, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will go through some of the best methods for getting rid of the eyesore and turning it into something that you want to look at.  

Why are Adjustable Beds Popular?

The creation of adjustable beds has helped people with all kinds of problems. These beds help to reduce pain in the ligaments and joints, swelling, and alleviates back pain. This is all because the varying areas of support on an adjustable bed offer a release of pressure on painful areas of the body. 

Consider the Placement of your Adjustable Bed

It might be obvious, but people frequently want to do the most dramatic thing before trying even the simplest. Instead of going out a buying something, why not try changing where the bed is in a room? If your adjustable bed is very obvious, is it because it is sitting in the middle of the room with all sides visible? Why not try pushing it over to one side of the room, hiding at least two or even three sides of the bed? That is itself will greatly reduce the notability of the bed frame and take the attention to other parts of the room.

Depending on the shape of your room, this is the easiest option and the first one you should try. The size of the bed can have an impact on this point since, in some rooms, there are simply no places for you to hide it away. In these cases, exploring other methods of hiding your adjustable bed frame will have to be done.

Try Using A Bed Skirt

An easy and worthwhile method of hiding adjustable bed frames is by using a bed skirt. Out of all the options out there, this one is probably the most affordable and easy to use, making it a great choice for everyone. Bed skirts typically don’t get dirty very quickly and are good at hiding things you don’t want anyone else to see. There are even bed skirts that are made specifically for adjustable beds, meaning that you know they will fit right.

Not everyone loves bed skirts, however. They tend to have a reputation of being for the elderly – something you would see in your granny’s home – but this isn’t always the case. There are bed skirts that look modern and attractive. Any furniture store, whether online or not, should have a range of chic bed skirts to choose from.

Some designs might even surprise you and be a perfect fit for your aesthetic. If you decide you use a skirt to hide your adjustable bed frame, make sure to get one that won’t get damaged or stretched when the bed is in use and being adjusted. You can use commercial wrap-around skirts, hook bed skirts or Velcro strip bed skirts. Using these will ensure that they are not damaged over time as the bed is used.

Get A Box Frame

If you get the measurements of your adjustable bed, you can buy a box frame it can sit inside. Box frames are popular and can look very attractive, fitting in with any aesthetic. By getting a box frame that fits around your bed, you can hide the adjustable frame itself, so it will look like the adjustable bed is simply a regular bed.

Box frames can come in just about any shape and color – so long as they fit around your bed properly. You will have the choice of going for metals, fabric finishes or even wood. The choice is completely up to you, though these tend to be the more expensive option when looking for a way to hide adjustable bed frames. 

A Bench is A Simple Option

Although using a bench to hide an adjustable bed frame won’t work on all sides, it will work wherever you put it. If you don’t want the frame being too obvious and sticking out like a sore thumb, considering moving a bench over to that side of the bed. This works the best when it’s used at the base of the bed so that there aren’t any difficulties getting in and out of the bed itself. Using a bench to hide your frame is a good solution if you don’t want to go out of your way to buy new things, as you probably have a bench somewhere already that you can use for this.

Make sure to make the bench look like it really belongs there – add a throw and some pillows, maybe even put some books on a table beside it. This is a useful option, especially if a bench or couch is needed in that area in the first place. If you don’t have a bench, this option might be expensive, but also worthwhile considering how useful it is. 

Conclusion On How To Hide And Adjustable Bed Frame

There aren’t many ways that you can hide an adjustable bed-frame well. Sometimes the options are on the expensive side, but they are well worth the money if you dislike the look of the bed frame that much. You might think that using blankets around the frame would be a good idea, but they are likely to get stretched and damaged as the bed is used.

In the end, it might be worth spending a bit of money to achieve the look you really want for your room. Ultimately, however, it is always worth trying out some cheaper options first, before splurging and potentially wasting your money when you don’t like the end result.

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