How to Inflate a Sleep Number Bed Without a Remote

Remotes are easily lost, so you might be wondering how you’ll inflate your Sleep Number mattress without one. There are a handful of ways that you can use to inflate it, from using an app to contacting support for a replacement. If you are handy, you can also buy an off-brand low-pressure air pump.

We have all been in a position where we’ve misplaced or broken a remote, and losing a remote for your Sleep Number bed is even worse. To avoid a headache and a lot of stress, we’ll be showing you some ways to get around this inconvenience.
Can You Inflate a Sleep Number Without a Remote?
If you’ve misplaced your Sleep Number remote, or it’s no longer working, you may be wondering whether you can still inflate your bed without one.

You absolutely can inflate a Sleep Number bed without a remote. Here are some general ways you can do so:

Use the Sleep Number SleepIQ app.
Manually inflate the mattress with a low-pressure air pump.
Contact support to get a replacement remote.
Troubleshoot your existing remote to repair it.

The following will offer steps about how to perform each one of these solutions. Remember, if all else fails, you can contact support and speak to a representative via email, phone, or live chat.
Inflate the Sleep Number Bed with the SleepIQ App
You will need your phone to be connected to the WiFi and have Bluetooth on your smartphone for this to work. Here are the basic steps to set up the SleepIQ app:

Log in when the app is downloaded onto your smartphone.
You will proceed to click the top right of the app where it says “remote.”
Now you need to pair the bed; select the bed from the list generated after it scans.
Confirm you have the right bed by looking for the MAC address on the bottom of the pump. Compare that number to the one that shows in the app. It will begin with either CC or 64DB.
If nothing shows up for you to pair with, make sure the pump is plugged in and has power. This is crucial because the app connects to the pump.
You will then need to wait for the Sleep Number mattress to inflate. This process can take up to 20 minutes.
Select the WiFi connection that you are using.
The SleepIQ should now be connected to the WiFi, and you will be able to operate the app the same as a remote!

Congratulations, the app should now be connected to the bed! However, if this is not the case, or something has gone awry during the process, please see this official post by Sleep Number. If you are more of a visual person, see this video, also by Sleep Number. They also have this handy troubleshooting page that you can also use should the previous links not be helpful.
Manually Inflate the Sleep Number Bed
This is a fairly easy thing to do. You will need to go and buy a pump, something similar to what you would use on a regular air mattress. These will most likely require a specific adapter to use on the Sleep Number. If you can’t find an adapter, just make sure you create a seal around it so the air can get into the mattress.

When the new pump is connected to your Sleep Number hose, turn it on. You should notice it inflating. This process will take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the type of pump.
Slightly over-inflate your mattress from your ideal amount because you will lose some air when you disconnect the pump.
Make sure you have something to plug the line with! You don’t want all the air to escape.
Get a Replacement Sleep Number Remote
To order a replacement remote, make sure the problem with your bed is the remote. This ensures you get the part you need ASAP and prevents you from ordering more parts if the remote is not the problem.

Go to the sleep number store. Here you can buy the model you need. However, if it is covered under warranty, you will need to contact support for them to process it.
The part will be shipped to you once you order it; double-check your address to avoid delays.
You will have to pair the new remote with your bed. Sleep Number has a tutorial on how to do that here.
Ask customer support if you need to return the broken remote. This may be required in some cases.
What If the Sleep Number Remote Won’t Inflate the Bed?
If you do have the remote, but the bed just refuses to inflate, you most likely have lost power from the pump, or there is a blockage or twist somewhere along the hose. If the pump has no power, make sure it is plugged in; sometimes, the problem is the most simple. If that is not the issue, you will need to contact support about receiving a replacement pump. Make sure to double-check for a warranty!

If there is a blockage inside the air line, you will need to find where the hose connects to the pump. Follow the line; this might mean you have to take apart the bed a little bit depending on the model and check the lines for any twist, block, or even a leak.

If the remote is returning an error, you will have to do some troubleshooting. The official Sleep Number YouTube page has a walkthrough on how to do so.
Sleep Number beds can be inflated without a remote, and the easiest and most recommended way is to use the app. If you don’t mind spending the money, you can also get a replacement or buy a low-pressure air pump for manual inflation.

Remember, if these do not work for you, or you think there may be another problem, contact Sleep Number’s support. You can use e-mail, phone, or even a live chat. They also have a wealth of resources from their knowledge base that is available to search through.

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