How To Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable

Air mattresses can be very uncomfortable. However, there are many tips and tricks you can implement to make them so comfortable you don’t want to leave it.

Whether you chose to sleep on an air mattress or have found yourself needing to use one, you want to be comfortable. If you are trying to get a good night’s sleep but just can’t seem to, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re going to discuss the best actions you can take to make your air mattress super comfortable.

Re-Inflate Your Air Mattress Weekly 

You’re not going to get a good night’s sleep if your air mattress is deflated. It’s surprising just how quickly air mattress deflate, with noticeable differences after a few days. Rather than having your spine and rest of the body in a good angle, you’ll find yourself tossing and turning.

By inflating your air mattress every week, you can ensure that you’ll have a great night’s sleep and the mattress will be comfortable. However, if you notice a difference on the mattress after a day or two, re-inflate it again. If you think your mattress is deflating too quickly, you might have a problem in the form of a leak. To fix a leak, you will have to buy a patch to stick to the leaking area.

Make It Feel Like A Regular Bed

Air beds on their own are not the most luxurious thing to sleep on. To amp up the comfort and luxurious feeling, get some soft sheets and blankets. Having softer items on an air mattress will help make it feel like a regular bed and mattress.

If you want to go one step further, make sure to spray your new sheets with a delicious linen spray and allow it to run through the dryer for a moment.

Try Putting It On A Soft Surface

This tip helps with comfort as well as sound reduction. When air mattresses are put onto hard floors without a rug or carpet, it will be firmer. While this in itself is not a bad thing, and in fact something many might prefer, placing the mattress on a softer surface like a carpet will make it feel softer. 

Firmer air mattresses aren’t always a great option for people who prefer to sleep on their sides. Sleeping on mattresses that are too firm for your preferred position can put too much pressure on body parts such as the shoulders and hips. This pressure will  make it difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep, so it’s something to consider when deciding where to place your air mattress.

If you are yet to purchase an air mattress and are looking at tips beforehand, you could aim to find a mattress that has a ‘sure-grip’ bottom. This type of bottom will stop your mattress from moving around and making noise on the floor.

Try Out A Cot Or Mattress Stand

Doing this will also help make the air mattress feel like a ‘real bed’. Because the air inside the mattress cools down over time, largely due to the floor temperature, lifting it off the ground will help keep it warmer.

By using a cot, mattress stand or the base of a regular bed, air inside the mattress should stay at a more pleasant temperature. This will allow you to sleep more comfortably and not get too cold over the course of the night. Using a mattress stand or cot is especially important in places where the temperature it low in the night.

Mattress Toppers Are Your Friend

If you didn’t choose an air mattress because you like the way it feels, consider investing is mattress toppers. Using toppers will act as a cushion for the entire mattress, much like a quilted pad.

A mattress topper will make an air mattress so comfortable you may not even realize that you’re sleeping on one.

A Headboard Will Make It Feel Like Home

Headboards are more critical than many of like to admit, especially with air mattresses. Using a headboard on your air mattress will make it not only feel more secure, but also comfortable.

To make life simple, you could use the back of a sofa or wall as a headboard. This will mean that pillows are less likely to fall off the mattress in the night, and it will give you something to lean on if you wish to.

Pillows Are For More Than Just Decoration

The final touch on making a bed really feel like a bed is pillows. Use the right type of pillow for you. Whether you prefer memory foam pillows or luxurious down, pick one that is well suited to you and your needs. Spending money on a decent pillow is more important than anything else when it comes to bedding. A good night’s sleep is dependent on a pillow that gives you the support you require. 

Other than the perfect sleeping pillow, why not add some decorative pillows, too? Adding some attractive pillows will make your air mattress feel a bit more like home.

Proper Sheet Placement Is Key

Is there anything more irritating than crumpled and creased sheets on a bed? Now imagine crumpled sheets on an air mattress. They are a hundred times more noticeable. A crucial part of making your air mattress comfortable is putting the sheets on properly and evenly. If you have a high air mattress, try using a deep fitted sheet. 

Not only do sheets make your air mattress more comfortable, but they also protect it. Fluctuations in external temperatures could damage the mattress. Using sheets with every use should extend the life of the mattress along with making it more comfortable to sleep on.

Final Thoughts On How To Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable

There you have it, the best tips and tricks to making an air mattress more comfortable. Implementing some or all of these points will undoubtably make your air mattress feel more like a ‘regular’ bed.

Chances are you already have everything you already need in order to test these points out, so why not try them out?

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