How Wide Is A King Headboard?

People want to upgrade their beds for all sorts of reasons. We could list them, but it’s probably best not to speculate as to why people might want a bigger bed. The point is, that for many people, King-size sounds like the epitome of awesomeness.

How Wide is a King Headboard?

A double or a queen is nice, but there’s something about the name “King” that hints at regal luxury and excess. If they’d named it a jumbo bed or an elephant-sized bed, it might not have the same appeal.

Lots of people would jump at the opportunity to get a bigger, and consequently better, bed, but do you really have room for it? Is it going to cramp your style rather than give you more space? Let’s find out how big a king-sized bed really is and see if it’s the right fit for you.

How Big Is A King-Sized Mattress?

A standard King-sized mattress is 80 inches long by 76 inches wide. This is much wider than a queen, which is only 60 inches wide. However, we stress that it is vital to measure all dimensions of your new bed and not only the mattress.

Far too many people think they have ample room for a king-sized bed, only to find they haven’t got the headspace for the headboard they’ve chosen or that the switch for the bedside lamps is now hidden behind the bed where no one can easily reach it.

Just like when making the decision about whom you share your home with, it’s best to consider your options carefully before committing to a new bed set.

Adapting the old adage for our own purposes, we advise you not to buy in haste and repent at leisure when you realize that one of your new four-poster bed posts has to touch the air conditioning unit to fit in the bedroom, and they rattle together all summer long.

How Big Is A King-Sized Headboard?

Headboards come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s difficult to create a blanket rule. However, if you’re not sure if you have enough room, it’s helpful to have a ballpark to work in.

People are generally more concerned with the width more than the height of the headboard because unless you have a steeply pitched room in your bedroom, it shouldn’t matter too much about the height.

According to Bassett Furniture, standard king-size headboards measure approximately 79-81 inches wide. That’s 2 meters to around 2.06 meters for those of you who don’t think in feet and inches. Those are the dimensions for standard king headboards, but custom or non-standard headboards can be much wider.

If the headboard is what makes the bed a design feature for you, then you’ll need to consider this in your design calculations, but if you simply want a bigger bed, as many of us do, then it’s easy to find standard king headboards in a variety of styles and finishes.

In terms of height, headboards for king-sized beds will typically range from 48 to 64 inches high (122 cm – 162.5 cm). They are obviously much wider than they are tall but consider the height of your bed frame plus the thickness of your mattress before making a decision on one headboard over another.

If you do have a pitched roof, or a window on the headboard wall, then a shorter headboard might be wise.

Headboards are usually the last thing to be considered when buying a bed, so be mindful of this. Don’t just measure the floor space, but make sure there is ample room for the headboard too without getting too near the walls.

We’re not going to dwell on how or why, but beds do travel from time to time, and you don’t want them placed too close to the wall, or else sharp corners and edges can permanently damage woodwork, paint, and wallpaper as they scrape by.

Some bed frames are higher than others and so, that combined with a tall headboard can mean a wall light you thought would be well clear of the height of your new bed will now have to be moved. No one wants the fuss of that, so make sure you consider all angles of your space before selecting a bed or headboard.

How Much Bigger Is A King-Sized Bed Than A Queen?

How Wide is a King Headboard?

That is a good question, we’re often asked. The biggest draw to a king-sized bed is the sleeping space itself, so how much will your sleeping surface be increased by if you upsize.

The first thing you should know is that queens and kings usually have the same lengths, so if you want a bigger bed because you’re sick and tired of your toes poking out the end of the bed, then we’re afraid this won’t help.

Well, unless you plan to sleep diagonally, in which case you might be in luck. We just hope whoever you share your bed with won’t mind the restricted leg-room.

King beds are wider by about 16 inches (40 cm) so that is quite a lot of extra space. Then again, if there are two of you in there, that’s only 8 inches extra each. For some people, this isn’t worth the extra price of a new bed or the extra price of all new bedding.

What’s The Difference Between A King And A California King bed?

We’re asking the same thing, because since when has the state of California ever had a King? Well, in terms of beds, the California King is the solution for tall people who are always waking up to cover their cold toes back over with the blanket.

The California King bed is longer than a double or a king-sized bed by four extra inches. So if it’s longer, does that mean it’s wider than a King-sized bed too? Uh, actually no. It’s narrower than the standard King-sized beds.

We guess that’s why it’s called the California King bed because it’s only for tall, skinny people. The California bed is narrower than a King-size by four inches and wider than a queen by twelve inches.

So it is substantially wider than a traditional queen bed but longer than a King. Apparently, furniture manufacturers think Americans either come in short and wide sizes or tall and thin sizes, but we’re pretty sure it’s not as simple as that.

Final Thoughts

Whatever bed size you go for, just remember to think about the practicalities of it. It’s all very well measuring the floor space, but not consider the space to walk around the bed without hitting your shins on the corner of the frame in the dark.

When you’re tired and not in bed where you want to be, it’s best to limit the obstacles to your route where possible and avoid stubbed toes and sore shins.

If you have an ottoman at the end of the bed now, you’ll need to factor that into your design plan and think about things like wardrobe doors.

Many a smug DIY interior designer has stepped back to look at their new bed choice all new and beautiful, only to reach for their robe and find that the wardrobe doors don’t open all the way with the new bed where it is.

Or worse, realizing that you’ve assembled your new flat-pack bed yourself and the bed is now so big that the door doesn’t open all the way inside the room anymore, and you can’t get out of the room! Trust us, we’ve seen it all.

The most important thing to consider when choosing new furniture is balancing practicality over romanticism.

You might have this vision of how you want the bedroom to look in your mind, with a huge, King-sized bed as the dominating feature of the room,

but if the room simply isn’t big enough to support it, then your bed is going to look out of place and the room will look small and cluttered. That’s going to help anyone get a better night’s sleep.

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