Miracle Bamboo Pillow Reviews

Miracle Bamboo Pillow Reviews

We all want to be healthy, happy, and productive in our lives.  However, the most important thing if we want to do this is sleep. 

We can’t afford to neglect the importance of good sleep, but many people get less sleep than they need each night.  There can be lots of different reasons for this, but one thing that can help you get your forty winks is having a comfortable, reliable pillow. 

Some people find that a traditional pillow filled with down just isn’t doing it for them.  

Here we’ll look at the Miracle Bamboo Pillow range to see how they perform and so you can decide if you’d like to buy one. 

We’ll look at several different aspects of the pillow from the materials to the sizing, and sum up with a final thoughts section.  There’ll also be a section for frequently asked questions to cover some common queries about memory foam products.

Materials and Comfort

What do you think of when you hear the word “bamboo”?  Maybe you think of giant pandas or lush East Asian landscapes. 

Either way, your first thoughts probably aren’t about pillows.  That’s understandable – bamboo pillows are a new concept to most people.  So is this pillow really made of bamboo? 

Well, sort of.  More specifically the cover is made of a mixture of viscose (derived from bamboo) and polyester.  This is where the name “Miracle Bamboo” comes from. 

The filling is a mixture of shredded memory foam and polyester microfiber.  So, you know what it’s made of.  But is it comfortable enough to send you into a peaceful sleep?

The shredded memory foam used in the filling makes the pillow wonderfully versatile.  If you don’t know what memory foam is, allow me to explain. 

It was originally developed by NASA and is a material that uses your body heat to mold to your exact shape.  This means that it fits to your body much better than traditional materials. 

The shredded memory foam in this pillow has the softness and comfort of memory foam without the ‘slab-like’ quality that solid memory foam pillows can sometimes have. 

If you’ve been disappointed by a pillow that didn’t properly mold to your head shape in the past, this should be a huge improvement.  It will distribute your weight evenly and fit to your head. 

You can also fluff it up and mold it with your hands to suit your own tastes.

While this pillow will conform to your head well, it does not do so completely, so you won’t totally sink into the pillow when you lie on it.  Whether this suits you is a matter of taste, but we think it’s a nice, comfortable medium between something unyielding and something you can bury your head in.

Memory foam pillows usually tend to trap heat, which can make them uncomfortably warm.  However, the shredded memory foam used in this pillow and the polyester-viscose blend that makes up the cover means that it will remain cool all through the night. 

The shredded structure allows much greater airflow than standard memory foam pillows.  If you’re one of those people who likes to flip over your pillow so you can rest your face on the cold side, this will be welcome news!


The pillow is fully adjustable in that it gives different firmness levels, making it a three-in-one.  It can be set to extra-firm, medium-firm, or soft, depending on your preference. 

This works by unzipping the pillow and removing as much stuffing as you would like until you’ve reached the desired level of firmness.  More filling makes it firmer, less filling makes it softer. 

The pillow comes fully stuffed, but you can take some out if you don’t want it extra-firm.  Feel free to experiment with it to find your own exact optimum firmness level. 

The extra-firm setting is ideal for maximum lumbar support (good support to your lower back) which you might need if you experience lower back pain.  If you want maximum softness, you can take the soft setting. 

If you’re looking for a happy medium to cradle your head without being too hard or soft, the medium-firm option will suit you.

Sleep Positions

Different pillows are best suited to different styles of sleep.  Do you like to sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach?  The Miracle Bamboo Pillow really shines for back and side sleepers. 

They benefit from the shredded memory foam filling, which allows their head to sink into the pillow while keeping the alignment of their spine.  Back sleepers might want to use one of the softer settings, however, as a pillow that’s too firm might place the head in a slightly upward position. 

This can cause pressure that might leave them slightly sore when they wake up.  A softer setting will remove this problem.

For those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs, things are slightly less certain.  There’s still plenty to like about this pillow, such as the spinal alignment. 

However, stomach sleepers won’t benefit quite as much from the support that the memory foam gives due to the position of their heads when they sleep.  

However, there is another variable that needs to be considered here – weight.  Your weight will affect the way your pillow supports your head. 

If you’re particularly light (about 130lbs or under), you will benefit less from this pillow’s structure.  This goes double if you’re a stomach sleeper. 

However, if you’re under 130lbs and not a stomach sleeper, you’ll still get a lot out of this pillow.  It generally gets the best response from people who weigh in the region of 130lbs – 230lbs and sleep either on their backs or on their sides. 

It will still be worth getting if you weigh more than this, although the supporting properties of the pillow will be a little reduced.


Memory foam pillows will typically last from 1 year to 3 years, depending on use.  This is about what you can expect from this pillow too.  As always, taking good care of it will extend its lifespan. 

In general, however, pillows made of natural materials like traditional down or latex will last for longer.


The Miracle Bamboo Pillow is available in king and queen sizes, so you can get whichever you prefer.  The queen size pillow is 20” x 28” while the king size option is 20” x 36”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a material that is now fairly commonly used in mattresses and pillows.  It was first used to improve safety in aircraft seating but is now found in all kinds of places from x-ray table pads to football helmets. 

Due to the chemical and structural properties of memory foam, it regains its original shape much more slowly than most materials when it is pressed (such as by someone lying on it). 

This is what gives it the name ‘memory foam’ – it seems to ‘remember’ the shape that it was pressed into.

Is memory foam comfortable?

Lots of people find that memory foam takes some getting used to if they’re just switching to it from more traditional materials.

After this initial period of adjustment, however, most usually agree that it’s very comfortable.  It’s very soft and molds well to the individual body shape of its users, making it almost personalized.  

Are memory foam products good for my back?

Since memory foam pillows and mattresses change shape to fit the shape of your body, they offer you great support and relieve pressure on you.  This includes your back. 

If you’re using a traditional mattress with springs, you might notice that you have some aches after you sleep.  This is because these types of mattresses can put pressure on points along your back. 

Memory foam mattresses do not do this, so you might well find that a memory foam mattress improves pains in your back considerably.

Is memory foam safe?

In a word, yes.  However, there are some things that you might want to know before buying something made of memory foam. 

First off, it’s not recommended that young children use any very soft (including memory foam) mattresses or pillows.  This is due to their potential to retain carbon dioxide. 

This would not be a problem for an adult, but might negatively affect a small child.  Another thing is that new memory foam products can ‘off-gas, which can result in a somewhat unpleasant chemical smell. 

However, this is easily fixed by allowing the pillow or mattress to air for 24 hours before you use it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great option for almost anybody.  The clever shredded memory foam filling allows this pillow to have the benefits of memory foam (softness, body-molding) without the drawbacks (heat retention, ‘slab-like’ quality). 

The adjustable nature of it means it’s suitable for anyone, no matter what firmness they prefer in their pillow.  If you’re looking for a pillow, then we strongly recommend that you give this one a try.

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