Molblly Mattress Review

Finding the right mattress can be difficult. There is much to take into consideration such as its size, material, and feel and when you choose your mattress you want to be sure that you are buying something worth keeping.

Molblly Mattress Review

On average, it is expected for a person to keep their mattress for up to 10 years before contemplating about getting a new one. Because of this, your choice is very important.

We have had a look into the Molblly mattress, looking at its features, benefits, the good, the bad, before coming to an overall conclusion on how we feel about the product. If this mattress is one of potential, read ahead.

Molblly Mattresses: A Breakdown

Molblly Mattresses

Molblly Mattress Review

We all know how expensive mattresses are and with that price in mind we don’t want to make any mistakes. Molblly offer mattresses at an affordable price with good quality and is a valid option for those looking.

This company have been active since 2007 and have sworn to provide the highest quality mattresses to their customers.

They believe everyone should have a good night’s sleep which leaves them feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead, and what better way to achieve that then sleeping on a mattress that is right for you.

With Molblly, you will be supplied with multiple choices of mattress, best known for their memory foam options, but of course this is not for everyone.

With a material such as memory foam, it can be viewed positively and negatively. This is all down to the individual, however.

Does The Molblly Mattress Meet People’s Needs?

With a mattress there is much that is needed. It is not only about the quality and comfort of the mattress itself, however we should also be looking into how the mattress supports the person sleeping on it.

Many people have health conditions whether that be due to age, disability, or injury, and because of this it is important for them to find a mattress which guarantees them a comfortable night’s rest.

Whilst investigating the Molblly mattress, we made sure to keep those factors in mind in order to achieve the most accurate feedback.

Below we will be listing the things which need to be considered before choosing a mattress and comparing those needs to the delivery of Molblly.

Pressure Relief

Everyone deserves comfort when they are sleeping, especially those who suffer from bodily pains and constant discomfort. Because of this, it is important for them to find a mattress which serves that purpose.

Molblly mattresses are widely memory foam which is a perfect option for those needing pressure relief.

This is because the memory foam works to comfort areas of the body, allowing people that relief and a satisfactory sleeping experience. With Molblly mattresses, their mattresses adjust to the body, comforting and supporting the body parts which need it.


Depending on which mattress you decide to have, you may be unfortunate enough to pick one which is loud and squeaky. This may not be a problem to some, especially if the bed is for yourself, but if you happen to sleep beside someone who is prone to tossing and turning then that noise can be irritating.

What is great about the Molblly mattress is that theirs are all-foam meaning that you will not hear a sound. You will be able to sleep peacefully with a Molblly mattress, lasting you for many years to come.


When buying a mattress, you should be thinking about the regulation in temperature. This is important because you don’t want to be stuck with a mattress that leaves you sweating or leaves you shivering.

It has been found that Molblly mattresses are generally hotter which may make people uncomfortable, however, to work against that they have put in place features to help regulate body temperature such as infused cooling gel.

But despite all this, Molblly probably isn’t the choice for you if you are a hot sleeper.


It is best to find a mattress that is easy to maintain – this makes it easier for people with a busy schedule or for those with limited mobility. Molblly’s mattresses are great for maintenance with a removable cover making it easier to wash and clean.

Supporting Your Weight

With something such as memory foam, you have to be wary of weight. As we all know, memory foam is made to dip upon touch – when a person sits, the mattress sinks. However, if you way above average this may be of concern if you do not pick the right kind of mattress.

The Molblly mattress features 2 inches of high density foam in the upper layer and 8 inches of foam in the base, working to generate the upmost support.

Based on these measurements, it is up to the individual to evaluate whether they will be able to lay comfortably on a Molblly mattress and whether it can support their weight.

Pros And Cons

After highlighting the many things that need to be considered and matching them to the qualities of the Molblly mattress, we can now turn to the list of pros and cons. This will allow you to come to a definitive conclusion.



Molblly mattresses are affordable which is a great selling point. Mattresses in general are expensive, costing hundreds of dollars, but Molblly’s mattresses are a good option price wise. If you are someone who is on a budget, then Molblly will be able to offer you a mattress that is affordable and good value for money.

Great For Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper then this is a great choice of mattress. This is because the memory foam works to take away any discomfort when leant on your shoulders compared to other mattress options.


The Molblly mattress has hypoallergenic properties which means the mattress works to fight away any allergies and skin irritation.

This is good for those who are prone to catching anything or have a low tolerance when it comes to battling allergies. Being hypoallergenic, you do not have to worry about the mattress infecting you.

Ability To Adapt

This mattress has the ability to adapt in order to suit people’s needs and comfort levels. For example, it has been previously mentioned that this memory foam mattress will not be ideal for those who get hot whilst sleeping, however they do have a cooling function which helps solve the problem.

There is a cooling gel that is infused into the memory foam layer and, as well as this, there is also a breathable top cover. Molblly’s mattresses are made to cater to everyone’s needs.



Again, there is an issue of weight. This memory foam mattress is not recommended for anyone over the weight of 230lbs as the mattress does not have the strength to support the weight.

If you are over this weight limit yet still require a mattress, look for other options which are not memory foam. A firmer mattress will work well.

Edge support

The Molblly mattress has poor edge support which is not beneficial if you consider yourself an edge sleeper. Especially if you are having to share your bed with another person, the lack of edge support will not be in your favor.

Online Only

The final con is how Molblly is an online only retailer. This can be seen as both positive and negative, however.

Although many people enjoy the perks of shopping from the comfort of their home, when it comes to shopping for mattresses you want to experience the feel of it before it enters your home.

There are many bedding stores out there which display beds allowing customers to sit and lie on it. Although you can read descriptions and reviews, only you will know if that mattress is right for you once you sit on it in person.

Molblly Mattress Review

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Molblly mattress has its many positives and is a great choice of mattress for those looking. It works to cater to everyone’s needs and provides comfort and support for all.

As well as this, they work to please their customers, adapting their mattress models in order to enhance the comfort experience.

Unfortunately, however, the Molblly mattress cannot be for everyone. Because of the memory foam, this is not a mattress that can be used by people larger than 230lbs as the material will not be able to hold the weight.

Furthermore, memory foam is used in all of their mattress products, leaving little option for those who cannot use it.

But, despite this, those are the only main factors which can put a person off. Overall, if you are searching for your perfect mattress, you can’t go wrong with Molblly.

Their mattresses are not only affordable but of the best quality with trusted safety certifications. So, whether you are someone who struggles with sleep, needs pain relief, or is just looking for something soft that they can sink into, Molblly is the one for you.

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