The Truth About Futon Mattresses

Have small living quarters and trying to figure out where to sleep at night? If so, you aren’t alone. There are many people who are living in cramped quarters, whether they are college students, have too many roommates, or just have more belongings than space available.

For these people, choosing a Futon bed is often a wise choice. The Futon has its origin in Japan, however the western style of Futons varies from the original version. In Japan, the mattress rests upon a Tatami mat and isn’t set upon a bed frame, as is the norm in the west. The Futon mattress also is folded and stored away during the day in Japan.

In the western countries, a Futon bed mattress is typically set upon a bed frame and the futon is used as both a bed and a couch. This makes the Futon a suitable choice for those who have very little living space and can act as a couch and a bed.

The Futon Mattress: Springless Beauty

The Japanese Futons use environmentally friendly mattresses that are comprised of cotton batting. They air out their mattresses by placing them in direct sunlight then beating them with a bamboo stick or tool. This is actually a very healthy practice as science is just now releasing facts regarding how many germs and bacteria thrive on mattresses and pillows.

In Western countries, the Futon and its mattress are often inseparable. The mattress is not taken outside for daily airings nor stored away in closets. Like any other bed, the futon mattress remains on the bed frame, however, one thing is similar, and that is that most Western Futon mattresses are eco-friendly as well and are made with foam style batting. Though thicker than their Japanese counterparts, they are often springless mattresses. If you absolutely prefer a mattress made with springs, you can purchase a spring-filled mattress.

There are many benefits for choosing a Futon. Besides the ability to save space, you can also substitute a Futon in a small guest room and have a wonderfully decorated room making the most out of your limited space. You can purchase a Futon in a number of different patterns and styles, making the Futon suitable for any guest room’s dÈcor.

Understanding the importance of health, most people prefer to choose the all natural 100% cotton Futon mattresses, for these are deemed to be much healthier and environmentally friendly then the other synthetic and spring based mattresses.

For every home, whether large or small, there is a corner of a room that would be perfect for a Futon. Whether by necessity (limited space) or by design (home dÈcor options), an investment in a Futon mattress will pay off and likely be one of the most comfortable places to relax, or get a healthy good nights sleep.

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