Therapedic Mattress Reviews

A good night’s sleep is so crucial to our wellbeing. It helps us to wind down, detoxify, feel better and process our thoughts on a subconscious level. 

The problem is, some of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep and one of the biggest reasons for this is because of a lack of a good quality mattress. 

There are many types of mattresses and mattress models. Therapedic is one of many mattress companies that tends to hone in on the innerspring and hybrid version mattresses. 

Therapedic offers different types of mattress though and this includes hybrid, innerspring and specialty (all-foam).

Therapedic Mattress Reviews

Even with all of these types on offer, Therapedic isn’t the most well-known manufacturer of mattresses on the market.

Because of this, you may not have come across one of their mattresses before – and therefore would not have felt the benefits or comfort from their designs. 

For the purposes of this review, it’s best to target and focus on their most popular of mattresses which is the hybrid version.

We’re going to look at its design, make-up and what reasons you might want to buy the mattress, along with some potential drawbacks you may wish to think about before going right out there and buying one!

So, snuggle up comfortably and read on for our review of Therepedic’s Hybrid mattress.

What Is Therapedic’s Hybrid Mattress?

It’s important to mention here that there are different mattresses in Therapedic’s Hybrid mattress range. There is the Innergy 2 mattress and the Bravura mattress. 

These are both quality choices when it comes to hybrid mattress options and getting the best quality mattress is so crucial when it comes to fighting problems in bed like lack of sleep. 

Lack of sleep can cause many health issues and other concerns and can negatively affect, not just your day, but also your entire life. 

Therapedic mattresses aim to fight these sorts of issues and provide you with the greatest night’s sleep you could hope for. 

How Are These Mattresses Made?

When we’re talking about the design of the entire mattress, we’re talking about the most essential aspect of the bed. 

You want to be sure when you’re buying a mattress that it is tailored to your needs, that’s why so many people opt for a 90-night sleep trial if it is on offer. 

Some people have specific needs, such as heavier people or a stomach sleeper, and they look for particular things when shopping for a mattress. 

Below, we’ll tell you about how the Therapedic mattresses are made and what we thought about them. 

Therapedic Bravura Hybrid 

Therapedic Bravura Hybrid

We’ll start with looking at the Bravura hybrid. Here’s the construction of that:

Comfort Layer 1

The top layer is made with a very practical and thin layer of foam that gives you the support and comfort that you need when you’re lying on the bed. 

We found this was certainly the case and felt as though you were slightly sinking into the foam mattress. 

Comfort Layer 2

The middle or center part of the mattress is another key area of this mattress and of many mattresses. It acts as the bridge between you and the bottom of the mattress.

For us, it held up in terms of support and was able to last. At no point did it feel that we’d gone too “far” into the mattress.

Comfort Layer 3 And The Base

This part of the mattress is where coils are, and they’re surrounded by another layer of foam.

If this part of the mattress was absent, you’d simply go right the way to the bottom. Much like the previous point – this held up very well. 

The base was clearly strong too and worked with the other layers to provide total comfort and a relaxing level of support. 

The Edge 

The edge layer is where you’d find the quantum edge coils and micro-pocket coils. These are essential in the longevity of this mattress as it allows the mattress to breathe.

Not only does this give you a comfortable night of sleep, but it prevents the need for frequent “flipping” of the mattress.

The Cover

The cover has a quilted pattern which is very visually pleasing, but it also very thin which means there is no detraction from the other layers when you lie on it. 

Luckily, the cover does not have large cushions or unnecessary patterns on it which extend to poor comfort.

Many mattresses do which goes against their function and some sleepers will find that it actually causes pain while lying on it. 

Fortunately, this isn’t a problem here and its design allows for some pressure relief. 

Innergy 2 Innerspring Mattress 

Innergy 2 Innerspring Mattress 

We move on now to the second hybrid mattress on offer by Therapedic. 

Layer 1

The top layer of this mattress contains a high-density gel foam, and you can really feel that when you lay on it. 

This part of the mattress is where the mattress will shape around you and mold to you. It allows the sleeper to remain a comfortable, breathable temperature and, with the right covers, you feel as though you’re the only person around – an incredible level of comfort. 

Layer 2

Slightly below the gel, you’ll find a layer of additional foam. This gives you that little extra support and further comfort. It almost feels as though you’re laying on thousands of comfortable and soft pillows!

The memory foam mattress allows for your back to be in the same place throughout the night, so those with spinal requirements will be right at home. 

Layer 3 

This layer is what is called the 5-foam-zone.

This is in reference to the amount of foam layers that have been strategically placed to allow people to feel extra levels of support and comfort. It’s little surprise that this feels so natural and comfortable when we examine the quality materials in use. 

The Base 

This is where the innerspring comes into play. It aims not only to support you (which it certainly does) but also to support the other layers in their “roles”.

The Cover 

The cover is incredibly soft, and you can’t help but feel relaxed simply by touching it. It has padding and allows those with the need of pressure relief to feel so calm and, in many ways, medicated. 

What Did We Think?

Both mattresses had fantastic benefits for all sleepers and those with any spinal requirements, a stomach sleeper and people who struggle to switch off at night will be in their element with both of these choices.

We found that these mattresses had an unquestionable level of comfort and support to them and felt fresh and clean to use. 

The Bravura is definitely much more firm than the Innerspring version, but it does not detract from its level of comfort.

It just means that the Innerspring seemed to allow for more “sink” and was almost as if the bed was providing a comforting hug whilst you lay on it. 

Therefore, if you are someone that needs more of a resistance or firmer support as opposed to a softer and inviting sink – you’d be choosing the Bravura. 

If however, you have no specific requirements and are just looking for maximum levels of comfort – it’s definitely the Innerspring for you. 

What is important to note though is that if you decide to spend the entire day in bed – you might end up stiff or feel bad pains due to being in one position for so long – and it isn’t recommended to stay in bed if you do not need to be.

For people who are heavier, we imagine it would be much more difficult to sleep with the Innerspring, so the Bravura would be the better choice. 

Overall though, we used both mattresses and both are among the best mattresses on the market for softness, calming feel and comfort along with support – but the firmness of the Bravura is much higher than that of the Innerspring. 

To make this easier, we’ve composed a list of which mattress would suit you: 

The Bravura 

  • Heavier people
  • Stomach sleepers
  • People with back pain 
  • Older people 

The Innerspring 2

  • General use 
  • Couples 
  • Those who struggle to sleep 

Yes – But What About The Costs?

Don’t misunderstand, mattresses in general can be costly and with these specialty mattresses, it’s a case of getting what you pay for.

If your budget stretches enough to get a top quality mattress, we highly recommend that you opt for one of these mattresses.

In terms of the two, there isn’t a huge divide in cost between them, with the Bravura being slightly more economic in cost – but it will come down to personal choice. 

Pros To Purchase

  • Comfortable 
  • Supporting 
  • Relaxing 
  • Calming 
  • Helps with sleep 

Cons To Purchase 

  • Not the cheapest on the market 
  • Can be difficult to find 
  • Some may want a firmer mattress


Both of the mattresses we have reviewed are extremely comfortable and will help those who want to get the perfect night’s sleep get that level of comfort they strive for. 

Therapedic make a whole host of different mattresses in the US and are definitely worth a look-in if you’re in the market for a brand-new mattress.

We hope this review has helped you in your search. Good luck in your shopping and have a great sleep!

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