What Are Mattresses Made Of?

A comfortable mattress is absolutely critical to getting a good night’s sleep, and more and more people are… waking up to that fact.

What we mean to say is that mattresses have come a long way, as our understanding of both sleep and healthy sleeping positions has improved in recent years.

This has led to many advancements and much more selection for people to choose from, which allows everyone to benefit from a better night’s sleep, reduced aches and pains in the back and neck, and overall better mental and physical health.

What Are Mattresses Made Of?

However, the greater selection of mattresses available doesn’t always mean that everyone will be able to take advantage of this and there are many reasons why.

A lot of people don’t understand what type of mattress is best for them, or what the key differences are between the different types of mattresses.

A lack of understanding about this can mean that people may choose the wrong type of mattress which in turn could actually worsen their sleep quality, which has many terrible knock-on effects.

To help allay some of these concerns and dispel some of this confusion, we’re going to look at what exactly mattresses are made of, what they offer, and what type of mattress may be best for you.

This will help you find a mattress that is perfect for you and ensures that you get a great deal of comfort, relaxation, and more importantly, support, all of which should dramatically improve your sleep quality and overall health.

So, let’s dive into the different mattresses and what exactly they are made of.

Innerspring Mattresses

What Are Mattresses Made Of?

Innerspring mattresses are known as the traditional mattress and for a long time, this design totally dominated the mattress industry and was revolutionary for offering more comfort than ever before.

The initial designs for these mattresses used a series of metal coils that were all interconnected to each other to create one large continuous series of springs.

While this was revolutionary at the time, things rapidly changed and modern innerspring mattresses found that using individually wrapped coils provided better comfort, less noise, and better support, as well as a more reliable system.

Coil spring mattresses today typically use steel springs and come in various formats, ranging widely in gauge thickness and spring count, as well as the exterior materials used to encase the springs, which could be cotton, wool, canvas, or various other textiles.

These mattresses are still popular today due to their affordability, good airflow, and temperature regulation, but have been losing ground to more modern hybrid and memory foam designs which we’ll look at next.

Memory Foam Mattresses

What Are Mattresses Made Of?

Memory foam mattresses are almost always made from polyurethane foam, a material first designed in the 1950s. Modern memory foam mattresses tend to use polyol, mixed with water and a compound known as diisocyanate.

This solution is used as it grows similar to how a baked loaf of bread rises. This process can be carefully controlled and manipulated by the manufacturer to create more or less airflow, firmness and spring depending on the specifications of the product they’re making.

This allows for very specific levels of comfort to be created.

Typically memory foam mattresses come in a range of sizes and firmness, depending on the thickness, density, and other key factors.

The popularity of these mattresses has grown steadily over the years due to the support they provide to different pressure points on the body for different sleepers, as well as how supportive and firm they can be.

It’s starting to become understood that firmer mattresses may lead to better sleep quality and physical health, and so softer mattresses aren’t as popular as they once might have been.

Latex Mattresses

What Are Mattresses Made Of?

Latex mattresses are made from naturally occurring rubber which is extracted from the Hevea-Brasiliensis tree’s milk, or the Radium Natural Talalay,

while synthetic or blended latex mattresses use a mixture of natural rubber products as before, along with butadiene or styrene which are byproducts of petroleum refining similar to petroleum jelly.

Latex mattresses come in various configurations, with 100% natural latex mattresses being more expensive due to the fully natural ingredients.

They again come in varying firmness and thicknesses, and they are very versatile offering excellent comfort to most sleepers, with a configuration to suit almost anyone.

These mattresses are similar to memory foam mattresses in that they tend to hug the body and provide support exactly where the sleeper needs it and can help relieve a lot of aches and pains while resting.

Hybrid Mattresses

What Are Mattresses Made Of?

The latest mattress designs today actually combine these various different technologies and designs, allowing mattresses to offer the benefits they all offer.

These designs may comprise varying proprietary and bespoke layers of springs, foam, or latex to create a mattress of unique firmness, comfort, and quality, and there are many brands with wildly different approaches but all striving to offer the best comfort possible.

These designs offer unprecedented support and excellent relief to aches and pains, however, some people may not like that they don’t hug and conform to the body as much as standard memory foam or latex mattresses.

What Mattress Filling Is Right For You?

It’s hard to say what mattress is right for you without knowing your preferences and potential health concerns.

If you struggle with back pain or aches, a firmer mattress may provide more support and actually help relieve a lot of these pains, while people struggling with comfort and relaxation may benefit from a softer memory foam mattress that hugs the sleeper as they rest.

The best thing you can do is head to a store and actually test out a few different types of mattresses to see what suits you best, as well as what price point you fall into.

It’s also a good idea to get a mattress with a no-fuss return and refund policy so that if you do find you aren’t enjoying your mattress,

you can easily find a replacement and don’t end up stuck with a mattress you hate! After all, we spend a large part of our life sleeping, so we may as well do so in comfort!

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