What Is A Bed Frame?

When we get home after a long hard day at the office, there isn’t much that we think about.

As you take off your muddy shoes and pull off your coat, normally autopilot would kick in and things would get done automatically.

Going to the kitchen, making dinner, sitting on the coach, watching TV, all these standard wind down activities that we use to forget about work and de-stress our minds.

However, the last activity of the night is probably the most beloved and simultaneously the most irritating: going to bed.

What is a bed frame?

Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping more than anyone, but going to bed with the knowledge of waking up the next morning to go through a day of work all over again is incredibly aggravating.

Yet, when you finally settle down, covered in duvets and lying atop a mountain of pillows, has the thought ever crossed your mind: what is a bed frame?

We never really see them, but we know that they are important. Along with the mattress, they seem to be the cornerstone of the bed and still we don’t really know much about them: their heights, weights, the materials used, and so on.

Today, we will answer the question of what a bed frame is and why they are indispensable to a full sleeping experience.

Bed Frames: What Are They?

An easy enough question to answer: it is the frame that your bed is built on, literally the foundation of a bed, right? Well, yes that is correct, but the bed frame actually has a lot more to it, especially in the modern day.

Bed frames are designed to provide totally even support for the mattress – or a box spring, if you have one.

What is a bed frame?

This support needs to be even, as a mattress is already quite heavy, and even the smallest person will add to that weight, which will wear on the bed frame.

If the bed frame is uneven, some areas will be taking more of that weight than others, weakening them faster, which will then lead to breakages and cracks.

Even the mattress can be worn away if the bed frame is uneven, as the person sleeping upon it will be on a slight incline and be prone to move in their sleep towards the bottom of the incline rather than in the center of the bed.

Bed frames also provide the majority of features you see in a bed. If there is a storage space included in the bed, it is the bed frame that has been redesigned and adapted to accommodate this.

If you have railings or support bars on the bed, they will be attached to the bed frame, not any other part.

The importance of a bed frame can’t be understated to a sleeping experience as they have been about longer than any other part of the bed, with ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome using bed frames whereas mattresses only came about in the 1800s.

Although the idea of comfort in bed with mattress-like creations (mostly out of straw) has been around for a long time, that idea would never have come about without bed frames being already there.

Types Of Bed Frame

What is a bed frame?

With the amount of time they have been about, it is no wonder that there are a variety of different bed frames available on the market, each with a different design to suit your needs perfectly:

Platform – Platform bed frames have become most popular in recent years. They have a slatted wood foundation that sits independently on the frame itself, with each slat no further than 2 inches to 3 inches apart.

This foundation holds up the mattress and spreads the weight between each slat evenly.

The design is fairly minimal, but has a lot of storage space under the bed and allows for further development with railings or headboards should you choose.

Sleigh – A sleigh bed frame is a statement, rather than just a piece of furniture. They have decorative headboards and footboards that curve just like a sleigh, which are most often made of wood.

Trundle – A trundle bed is one with a spare or roll out mattress underneath the bed. This mattress is commonly in a drawer or on a frame with wheels under the bed.

The problem with trundle beds is that they are not really meant for regular usage, as the mattresses are quite thin and only really serve a purpose for guests staying over.

Bunk – Bunk beds are when a bed frame is stacked on top of another bed frame creating a bed above and a bed below.

These beds are frequently used in kid’s rooms or in hostels where they want to maximize space. They are not the most comfortable type of bed, but they are good for the night.

Murphy – Murphy beds are built right into a wall or cabinet and are stored vertically using a spring.

When you want to sleep, you pull the bed out of the storage space and downwards, and when you wake up in the morning you do the opposite. It is a really good space-saving solution for a small property.

Daybed – Daybeds are beds for when you need them. They are multipurpose for when you are not using them they can become a couch, but when you require them, you can pull them out and make a bed.

The only things you really need to add are a sheet, a duvet and a pillow, and you are good to go.

Floating – Floating beds are relatively modern bed designs but are based on platform beds. Normally, a platform bed will have four distinct legs from each corner of the bed.

However, a floating bed is attached to the wall, taking pressure away from the legs.

This means that the legs can be placed closer to the center of the bed without the worry of it collapsing or, in extremely well-made floating beds, it has no legs at all. As such, the bed can appear to be floating and give your room a very modern look.

What Materials Are Used When Making Bed Frames?

Bed frames are most commonly made from 3 materials: wood, metal, and upholstery. Wood is the classic bed frame material and has been used the longest to make them.

Usually, the frame is 100 percent wood where fiber wood or particle wood has been used, and it is made to have a fairly high density.

This is so the wood frame will last a long time, which it does, and even after years of use they can be quite sturdy. The problem with wood is that the density of the material used makes these frames fairly heavy.

Metal bed frames are incredibly durable, being made of iron or steel, and are often very light with the inside of each section being hollow rather than dense, making them much easier to put together and much easier to move.

Compared to wooden frames, metal frames are frequently simple and lack decoration, which some people find off-putting, but otherwise they make bed frames that can last years.

Upholstered bed frames are technically wood frames that have a casing over the wooden parts.

These types of frames tend to be quite fashionable and are typically made with the aesthetic of the home in mind, with many upholstered beds coming in a variety of styles and colors that you just can’t get with wooden or metal ones.

Final Thoughts

Bed frames are really important to our comfort when we go to sleep at night. They are a support that we need to feel safe and comfortable, which is so essential to getting a good night’s sleep.

If you choose a bad one, and it breaks, it can make you wary of sleeping and cost you many a peaceful night.

As such, when you go shopping for a bed frame, always make sure to get the right one for your comfort.

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