What Is A Euro Top Mattress?

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When you go shopping for a new mattress, you are likely to be inundated with mysterious terminology that makes no sense. One of the most common sources of confusion is the meaning of different mattress toppings. What exactly is a Euro top?

We have put together this quick guide to take you through the meaning of a Euro top mattress, hopefully making your hunt for new bedding that bit easier!

Euro Top Mattresses

Euro top mattresses are made from foam or other fibrous materials that are firm to the touch. This topping is then sewn so it fits against the edges of the mattress rather than being attached directly to the top. This results in a neat finish to the mattress which will appear flat and is easily stackable. The Euro top mattresses will, on the whole, feel much firmer around the edges but soft in the middle.

Euro Top Mattress Life

A Euro top mattress will likely last longer than other types of mattresses available, particularly the pillow top. As they are used, the stuffing is unlikely to move too much due to the tight stitching style around the edges. They may, however, eventually sag around the sides as the stitching stretches.

Firmness And Support

Euro top mattresses usually give better edge support as they sit flat against the edges, producing a firmer feel around the perimeter.

It is important to remember that the composition of the actual mattress will have much more impact on the overall feel of the mattress than just the way the top is attached. If you prefer a firmer mattress, by all means, opt for a Euro top but do not rely on this alone. Instead, aim for a mattress that is described as having a firm design.


Much like the feel of a mattress, the fact it does or does not have a Euro top will not have a significant impact on the price. The design, material choices, and brand of the mattress will have far more impact on the price than the topper.

Other Types Of Top

After the Euro top, the pillow top is perhaps the most commonly available type of mattress. These mattresses are made with a single layer made of foam or fiber, much like the Euro top, that is then sewn into the top of the mattress. 

As the name suggests, pillow top mattresses have a soft feel throughout. This is partly due to the less dense foam and fiber filing but also due to the gap between the top and the comfort layer underneath. This means that a pillow top mattress has much more of a layered look, as opposed to the Euro top’s neat square outline. 

The pillow top is favored by those who enjoy a soft mattress that will hug their body as they lie down. This is great for those who sleep on their side or for those with back problems as a soft mattress top will let you find the position that your back wants to be in, without sacrificing essential support.

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Euro Top vs Pillow Top

As mentioned above, a pillow top mattress is much softer than a Euro top which is more securely attached for more support. But what are the other major differences between the two?


Price wise, there is very little difference between a Euro top and a pillow top mattress. The brand, other design features, and mattress materials are a far better indicator of price than a pillow or Euro top. You will find both Euro and pillow top mattresses at all price points, from the most budget-friendly to the most luxe.

Mattress Life

The mode of attachment and softness of the inside of the mattress top will have an impact on the life of the mattress, with pillow tops fairing worse in the long term. This is because the soft interior is able to move much more freely than the firmer Euro top – every time you move or roll over, your body weight will naturally redistribute the filling a little.

A pillow top will become lumpy and uncomfortable much faster than a Euro top. This is not conducive to a good night’s sleep and is something to bear in mind when mattress shopping. You also need you bear in mind that the plush feeling of a pillow top will not last forever and it will eventually flatten out, becoming flat and offering less comfort.


Much like mattress cost, you are far better off looking at the overall design of the mattress when considering support than you would be just focussing on Euro or pillow topping. The vast majority of the support and firmness of the mattress will come from the materials used in the whole product.

That said, the stronger attachment in a Euro top will produce a firmer feel around the perimeter of the mattress than a pillow top. Again, this will not be by a substantial amount but may make the difference for someone who is very particular about mattress feel.


What Does Euro Top Mean For A Mattress?

‘Euro top’ simply refers to the way that the top of the mattress is attached to the comfort layer in the middle. If it is a ‘Euro top,’ the top has been sewn flat against the sides of the mattress rather than sewn around the top. This creates a stronger bond to the mattress itself, creating a more supportive mattress top.

A ‘pillow top’ mattress is sewn to the top without going around the mattress edges with a gap beneath, creating a softer mattress that feels plusher.

What Are The Benefits Of A Firm Mattress?

Sleeping on a firm mattress takes the pressure off muscles while you sleep, putting veins and arteries under less pressure as the bones absorb much of your weight. This means that circulation is a little better on a firm mattress and the muscles will feel less strained when you get up in the morning.

What Are The Benefits Of A Soft Mattress?

Soft mattresses are better for those who are experiencing back pain, or for those who suffer from long-term back problems. You should also try a soft mattress if you sleep on your side as there will be better cushioning for the shoulders and hips, letting you get a more comfortable night’s sleep and helping to prevent improper spine alignment and any pain.

Do I Need A Firm Or Soft Mattress?

A firm mattress is better for those who sleep primarily on their back as there will be a more even and stable surface.

Side sleepers should go for a soft mattress where possible as these mattresses keep the spine in a better position. Soft mattresses are also a great option for lighter people as a firm mattress may not perform properly if there is not enough downward pressure.

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