What Is A Low-Profile Box Spring?

There is a lot that goes into a bed – the duvet, the mattress, the headboard, the pillows, the box spring. With all of these features it can become confusing and it is common to not know what certain bed components are.

One example is the low-profile box spring. We will be going through the definition as well as talking more on the topic of box springs and why we need them.

What is a low-profile box spring?

Before defining a low-profile box spring, we should first define what a box spring is. A box spring is a bed base which consists of a strong wooden frame with cloth filled with springs.

It is used to create the solid foundation for mattresses, the wooden frame being of a similar size and shape to your mattress. A low-profile box spring is the same thing as this, but thinner.

Typically, you’d find low profile box springs measuring 4 to 6 inches in thickness and they do not add too much height to your bed frame when used.

This is something you would use as an alternative to your general box spring and there are many reasons as to why a person would choose this option.

The reason the box spring was altered was to compliment modern mattresses. It is inevitable for things to develop. Even with mattresses, they have changed drastically, and because of this it is up to manufacturers to adapt.

That is why we have low profile box springs. With one of these, you will be guaranteed a nicer result with a sleek design. As well as this, you will receive the upmost comfort due to the thinner layers of low box springs.

If you are wanting something up to date, new, fresh and easier to use, low profile box springs will have you sorted.

Pros And Cons

Although there are many good that comes with a low-profile box spring, there are also some negatives which need to be addressed.


Lighter in weight
Easy to assemble
Good choice for tight spaced room
Beneficial for children and those with reduced mobility


Not ideal for taller people
May feel too low to the ground
There is less support
Can be uncomfortable (needs to be broken in first)

Is A Low-Profile Box Spring The Right Option For You?

For most people, having a low-profile box spring is a great addition to their bed. There are many benefits to having one and is a nice change from the old-fashioned box springs.

However, is it the right option for you? We have seen that there are many positives to owning a low-profile box spring but that doesn’t mean that it is suited for everyone.

There are some who may benefit from having a taller frame, older box springs measuring up to 9 inches in thickness.

Below are some reasons as to why a low-profile box spring would be the ideal option for you.

Your Nightstand Is Too Low

it is common to find that a person’s nightstand sits too low, and the simple reason for this can be because you are using an old box spring. Low-profile box springs are reduced in thickness so allow the bed to sit lower. By using this, you will find that your nightstand will sit appropriately beside the bed.

You Have Reduced Mobility

people can have reduced mobility whether that is because they are elderly or have been injured in some way, and because of this that can make it difficult for them to get in and out of bed.

With a low-profile box spring you will find less trouble with entering and leaving your bed because of its lower level. As well as this, you will find a new comfort due to its modern and developed properties.

You are tired of your small room – it has been found that people who use low-profile box springs generate more room in their bedroom. It is essentially changing the look of the room, allowing it to look more open and appealing.

This too goes to people who have low shelving above the bed. With a low-profile box spring you are allowing more space for those over-the-bed accessories.

What is a low-profile box spring

If You Have A Child

because of the height of a child, it can be difficult for them to get on and off the bed comfortably. You want to provide them with something that will allow them easy access and for them to not have to struggle.

It is necessary to adapt to your child’s needs. As well as this, a low-profile box spring is good for preventing any accidents. It is natural for kids to play on their beds, jumping around.

With the classic box spring that added height can be a threat if your child falls. With a low-profile box spring, your child is protected from that potential great fall.

Final Thoughts

Low-profile box springs is something of a modern sensation. Slowly, we are moving away from the traditional and adapting. As mattresses change, it is needed for components to adapt with it, and that is how low-profile box springs come into the picture.

They are a great and valuable addition to the bed and carry a multitude of benefits. As well as this, they are easy to find for you will find that most box springs function the same way.

But, of course, there are some drawbacks which make this not an ideal option for everyone. The low height is not ideal for people who are tall, making their sleep uncomfortable as well as making it awkward to get on and off the bed.

As well as this, there are people who just cannot get used to the new feel of the low-profile box spring.

Despite these drawbacks, low-profile box springs have proven to have more positive aspects than negative.

It is a great modern adaptation to the box spring and has been beneficial to many. So, do not hesitate to buy one for yourself. The low-profile box spring does wonders.

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