What Is A Mattress Set?

Has someone told you that you need to purchase a mattress set but aren’t sure what it means? Perhaps you have heard people discussing mattress sets and don’t know what they are talking about?

Or maybe you are curious and want to know more? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you! 

We know how confusing the world of beds and mattresses can be! Everyone seems to use a slightly different phrase for everything, meaning that in no time at all, you can be spun out, unsure what it is you need or what its purpose is! 

And everyone has an opinion. You find yourself lying awake at night with everyone’s voices and opinions swirling through your head. You don’t know who to listen to, what to get, or where to turn.

And all you wanted to know is what a mattress set is! But no one seems to give you a straight and direct answer. 

Well, no more! Today we are here to free you from this torture and get you the answers that you need. Just keep reading to find out what a mattress set is and everything that you need to know about it. 

What Is A Mattress Set?

Let’s get straight into it! A mattress set is a set including a mattress and a foundation to place the mattress on. This can be a foundation or box spring that the mattress sits on top of.

You have a range of styles to choose from, ranging from bases that just look like another mattress or sets that feature a headboard. It’s worth checking out the different styles on offer to see if there is one that will match your bedroom furniture!

You can purchase your mattress as part of the set, saving any measuring issues. You won’t need to measure an existing mattress to fit your bed frame, instead, you can purchase the set and rest easy knowing that the two will fit together.

As they are a set, they will also be the same color and style, so you can enjoy the continuity and have a bedroom that feels put together and aesthetically pleasing. 

Purchasing the mattress and spring box or foundation together can also help you achieve better sleep. You are likely to have better support than if you purchased the mattress and foundation separately, as the manufacturer will have used the same components to ensure maximum comfort and support is given. 

Now that we have established what a mattress set is, let’s take a closer look and see what else you need to know about it! 

What’s The Difference Between A Mattress Set And A Bed?

So a mattress set comes with a mattress and a box spring or foundation for the mattress to sit on. How is that different from a bed? Well, a bed features the bed frame and the mattress that sits on top.

What’s The Difference Between A Mattress Set And A Bed?

Your bed frame might be wooden or metal and will have wooden or metal slats that the mattress rests on top of. 

Bed frames come in a range of designs, with headboards, under-bed storage, or they might be a solid base, there are lots to choose from and you can always find one to suit your style and budget.

Most bed frames will work in the same way where you purchase the frame and the mattress separately, with the mattress sliding on top. 

Some brands will sell you the bed and mattress as a deal, but often, you will need to purchase the mattress separately.

In these cases, you will want to make sure that all the measurements are correct to prevent any issues when the mattress is delivered. 

When you have a mattress set, you don’t necessarily need a bed frame. The spring box or foundation can sit directly on the floor with the mattress on top.

This provides you with the elevation you need to keep the mattress off the floor but removes the need for a bed frame. 

Here, the choice is yours. You can add a bed frame if you wish to sleep higher from the ground. Be mindful that you will want to measure the bed frame to ensure that there is enough room for the mattress and the box.

You will also want to check the height. You don’t want to be sleeping higher than the headboard! 

Do I Need A Mattress Set?

So, do you need a mattress set? Well, it depends! If you don’t have a bed frame, then it can be cheaper and easier to get a mattress set. You won’t need to have your mattress on the floor or need to worry about any additional support or measuring a bed frame.

A mattress set will also ensure that you have continuity in terms of color and style, so you can enjoy a seamless style in your bedroom. 

Some mattresses need a spring box to provide additional support. This can be the case for some memory foam or firm support mattresses.

If this is needed for your mattress, the information should be given in the product description, or a store colleague will make you aware of this. 

Not all mattresses need a spring box or foundation, and there is no point unnecessarily parting with your money if it isn’t needed. We recommend doing your research beforehand to avoid this and help you get the right mattress for you. 

Usually, mattress sets and spring boxes are ideal for those that want extra support for their back. A doctor might suggest that you try this to see if it helps with back pain or any trouble sleeping.

In these cases, it can also be worth placing the spring box on a bed frame. It will provide you with a greater height that might help you get in and out of bed if you struggle with this. 

It is worth considering all of these factors before purchasing a mattress set. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, a mattress set is a mattress and spring box or foundation that comes together for you to use with ease.

The matching set saves you the trouble of measuring a bed frame or trying to find a frame and mattress that match your style. These boxes can also help your back while sleeping and are worth considering if you need a firm bed for your back. 

However, they aren’t always needed. Be sure to consider the factors outlined in today’s article when deciding if a mattress set is the right choice for you or not! 

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