What Is A Queen Split Mattress?

Until you really do some research, you might not have been aware of just how many different types of mattresses there are. Sure, you have probably heard of a single, double, and queen size mattress, but something that you might not have heard of previously is a split mattress.

For many people, split mattresses are a rather strange concept, and a lot of people don’t actually know what they are.

What is a Queen Split Mattress

But as their name suggests, a split mattress is simply a mattress that is split into two. So, instead of having one mattress that measures the size that you want, you will have 2 mattresses that together measure the size of the mattress that you want.

So, a Queen split mattress is a mattress that is the same size as a Queen mattress, but it is made up of 2 mattresses, instead of just one.

You might be wondering what the purpose of this mattress is, and we’ll be taking a look at this and lots more in this guide. So to find out more, keep on reading.

What Is A Queen Split Mattress?

First things first, let’s take a look at exactly what a Queen split mattress is. Well, a queen split mattress, also sometimes known as a queen dual mattress, is a queen-size mattress that is made of two mattresses, rather than just one.

These two mattresses combined will equal the size of a regular queen size mattress.

A regular queen size mattress measures 80 inches in length, and 60 inches in width. But, a queen split mattress will consist of 2 mattresses, both measuring 80 inches in length and 30 inches in width.

So, when these two mattresses are added to a queen size bed frame, they will fit it perfectly as their combined size will be 80 inches by 60 inches.

It isn’t just a queen size mattress that you can get split, in fact, you can get a split mattress in twin, twin XL, full, queen, and Californian king sizes. But, what is the purpose of a split mattress? Let’s find out.

What Is The Purpose Of A Split Mattress?

What is a Queen Split Mattress

So, now that you know what a queen split mattress is, you might be puzzled as to what the purpose of this style of mattress is.

Well, it is actually pretty simple. As you can see, split mattresses are only available in sizes where more than one person will share a mattress, and this alone explains part of the purpose for this style of mattress.

A lot of us have been in that position when you like a firm mattress, but your partner loves a soft mattress. This becomes more common with age, especially when a need for support due to back pain becomes important.

The thing with firm mattresses is that it can be almost impossible to sleep on them if you don’t like firm mattresses, and this can really cause a divide in your relationship. But a split mattress can fix this.

The main purpose of a split mattress is that it allows you to have one mattress with different levels of firmness.

This means that you and your partner can still sleep beside each other, on a firm mattress that you like, without either of you being in discomfort.

So, you can have a lovely soft mattress, while your partner has a solid firm mattress, and neither of your sleep will be affected by this. So, while it can seem like a strange concept, the purpose of a split mattress is actually very simple.

Is A Queen Split Comfortable?

If you are interested in purchasing a queen split mattress, the one thing that you likely want to know before you buy is if this style of mattress is comfortable.

What is a Queen Split Mattress

This will be even more important if you are looking into buying a queen split as a way of resolving any disagreements about bed firmness between you and your partner. So are queen split mattresses comfortable?

By all accounts, yes, these mattresses are comfortable. Essentially, a queen split allows you to both have your own individual mattress, without having to sleep separately from one another.

So, you can still enjoy that closeness without having to compromise your own comfort.

Of course, a queen split, or any split mattress for that matter, will take some getting used to, and that is because it is rather different to a traditional mattress.

But, once you have adjusted to this change, you will likely find that a queen split mattress is a lot more comfortable than your traditional queen mattress.

However, there are some other things you should consider before buying one, let’s take a look at what they are.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Queen Split Mattress

Finally, let’s take a quick look at some of the things that you should consider before you invest in a queen split mattress.

After all, while the main purpose of this mattress is to allow you and your partner to both have the firmness of mattress that suits you without having to sleep apart, there are some other benefits of this style of mattress.

For example, if you are somebody who regularly moves house, then a queen split mattress might be a better option for you than a regular queen mattress.

This is because a queen split is made up of 2 parts, so you can easily separate these parts to make moving through narrow corridors and tight door frames a lot easier.

Likewise, if you are somebody who is a light sleeper, or someone who struggles with back pain, a queen split allows you to get a comfortable night’s sleep without having to compromise sleeping beside your partner.

But there is one drawback of a queen split mattress, and that is the fact that it can make cuddling difficult.

Due to the fact that both sides of the mattress are different levels of firmness from one another, it can make cuddling your partner during the night difficult. However, this aside, queen split mattresses really are great.


In short, a queen split mattress is a queen size mattress that is made up of 2 smaller mattresses that together measure the size of a queen size bed.

This means that you can have a queen size mattress with 2 different firmness levels in its design, allowing you to sleep comfortably beside your partner. Even if they like a firmer mattress, and you prefer a softer one.

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