Why Do Pillows Go Flat?

Having a soft and comfortable bed is imperative to having a good night’s sleep. It is crucial if you want to have a good night’s sleep that you ensure your bed has the softest and firmest pillows possible. 

So, you might be wondering – how is it that some pillows end up being as flat as a pancake? How come there are some pillows out there that don’t stand the test of time and aren’t as comfortable to lay your head on whilst you sleep?

Fortunately, if you have ever wondered why do pillows go flat then this is the article for you. 

Pillows don’t always stay soft and fluffy. Sometimes they get flattened out or even sag over time. Why does this happen?

Pillows are designed to provide comfort and support. They come in various shapes and sizes, from standard rectangular ones to contoured designs. The fillings inside them vary too, from down feathers to synthetic materials such as polyester.

Pillows are usually filled with a combination of feathers and polyester fibers. Feathers are softer than polyester, so they tend to flatten out faster. This happens because the feathers are compressed under pressure.

The amount of compression depends on how firm you want your pillow to be. If you place it on a hard surface like a bed or couch, then there is less chance that the feathers will compress. However, if you use it on something soft like a mattress, then more pressure can cause the feathers to compress.

This means that you need to choose your pillow carefully. You should pick one that is firm enough for its intended purpose but not too firm. It should also have a good cover to keep the filling in shape.

How To Prevent Pillows From Going Flat

If you want to avoid your pillows from getting flattened out, here are some tips to help you:

Choose A Firm Pillow

A firmer pillow will hold up better against compression. Softer pillows may flatten out quickly.

Place The Pillow On A Firm Surface

Placing pillows on a soft surface like a mattress can cause them to flatten out. Instead, put them on a firm surface like a table or desk. This will mean that when you are not using the pillow when you are sleeping it isn’t as likely to go flat and sag. 

Use A Feather-Free Pillow

Feather pillows contain natural down feathers which make them very absorbent. These feathers can easily become flattened out when placed on a soft surface.

Don’t Let Children Play With Pillows 

Children love to play with pillows. But they can damage them by pulling at the stuffing. This causes the feathers to get flattened out.

Store Pillows Properly

When storing pillows, make sure that they aren’t exposed to moisture. Moisture can affect their ability to maintain their shape. 

Indeed, it can also be harmful for your health if mold or another type of bacteria that we associate with moisture and damp gets near your pillows. You would then either have to throw the pillow away or risk potentially getting a cold. 

Avoid Using Pillows As Headrests

Pillows are meant to provide comfort and support, not to act as a headrest. If you use them as headrests, then you could end up hurting yourself.

Clean Pillows Regularly

Regular cleaning helps remove dirt and dust particles from pillows. This prevents mold growth and keeps the pillows clean. It will also ensure that the pillow remains plump and not flat. 

Try Different Types Of Pillows

Different types of pillows offer varying levels of comfort and support. 

For example, memory foam pillows are great for neck and back pain relief while latex pillows are best for side sleepers. 

Take Care Of Your Pillows

Make sure that you take proper care of your pillows. Give them regular maintenance and check them frequently for signs of wear and tear. 

If you see that your pillow has burst in some way then make sure to carefully repair your pillow – a hole that isn’t repaired can lead to feathers coming out of the pillow and the pillow becoming flat. 

Consider Buying New Pillows

Pillows lose their shape over time. After several years, they may no longer fit comfortably into the same position. In this case, consider replacing them with fresh ones.

Check Your Warranty

Most manufacturers include warranties for their products. If you find that your pillow has gone flat, then contact the manufacturer to see what options you have.

Keep Pillows Away From Heat Sources

Heat can destroy the fillings inside pillows. To protect your pillows from heat, keep them away from radiators, heating vents, fireplaces and hot water pipes.

Use Pillows Correctly

Pillows should only be used for sleeping purposes. They shouldn’t be used as seat cushions or footstools.

Use Pillows In Moderation

Too much pressure on a pillow can lead to discomfort and even injury. So if you want to use pillows, make sure to place them where they will be most comfortable.

Put Pillows Under Blankets

If you need extra padding for your pillows, then try putting them underneath your blankets. This way, you can rest more comfortably without worrying about flattening them out.

Use Pillows With Caution

Some people believe that pillows help promote healthy breathing patterns. 

However, some people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions may experience negative effects when sleeping with pillows. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your sleeping habits.

Final Thoughts

The ability to have a good night’s sleep is essential for all people. Without sleep, we wouldn’t be able to function and to be able to enjoy our lives. 

That is why having pillows that aren’t flat, ones that are firm and perfect for sleeping on are crucial to having an enjoyable night’s sleep and an enjoyable life. 

So, if you suffer from flat pillows then this article will hopefully have solved your problem. 

Take the information in it and use it to make sure that you never again suffer a poor night’s sleep because your pillows aren’t flat enough.

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