Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Deflating?

Consumers everywhere remain puzzled by the widespread phenomenon of air mattresses that deflate overnight.

A comfortable night’s sleep is interrupted by a significantly flattened mattress. What can you do to keep an air mattress from deflating?

Why does my air mattress keep deflating?

Most inflatable mattress owners are visibly alarmed when this happens for the first time. You begin to look for the affected areas and wonder if your mattresses have been punched.

Even after using the most advanced methods to find leaks without success, they give up more confusion.

Just know that you are not alone if you’ve been in this situation. Fortunately, keeping an air mattress inflated is quite easy!

Reasons Why Your Air Mattress Deflates

Have you ever slept on a firm air mattress and woken up to a soft, sagging mattress in the mornings? You’re not alone.

The loss of air on air mattresses is a common phenomenon that many of us have experienced. Here are some common problems with deflating air mattresses overnight.

Improper Use

You should always read the instruction manual before using your air bed. When we are in a hurry to inflate the mattress, we might miss a few steps essential to the mattress’s performance.

You will improve the mattress’ longevity by reading the instructions carefully and thoroughly.


Your mattress’ air pressure can change directly as a result of changing temperature. Even if your air mattress is filled properly by day, the lower temperature at night may cause condensation inside the mattress.

The condensation may cause the mattress to lose its form.

You can solve this problem by keeping the room temperature high at night. Place a heater in your room but ensure it is not too close to the mattress to prevent any damage being caused to the mattress.

Pumping Air Loss

If your mattress has an external pump, you will lose air each time you remove the pump from the mattress.

No matter how hard you try, this air loss can not be plugged. A second option would be to purchase a mattress with an integrated pump. These mattresses can be used and maintained more easily.


Air mattresses can be susceptible to breakage and damage. The more you use them, the more frequently they will leak.

When storing them, be careful to prevent them from ripping or tearing. Place your air bed down like a rug on a surface so that it won’t damage any sharp objects on the floor.

Nozzle Issues

The opening in which air pumped into the column can be damaged over time. As it is opened and closed every time to fill the air, it can get loose.

Hold a check on the bubble to ensure you won’t lose more air each time you open it. To prevent additional leakage, put duct tape over the nozzle if it has been loosened.

Why does my air mattress keep deflating?

How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating

As you would expect, air mattress manufacturers prefer you not to play with scissors whilst in bed. Apart from the normal laws of physics, the most complaints about air columns are limp.

Certainly, some mattresses are more robust than others, for example, outdoor air mattresses can be placed onto rocky soil or sharp gravel without any issues.

On the contrary, cheaper models are not really for long-term daily use and you can expect them to spring leaks in a few months.

To avoid or at least delay this from happening, it is important to be gentle. Avoid sharp objects that are close to your bed, including table corners and pets.

Be sure not to force the air out and don’t over-inflate when it collapses.

The latter is not commonly a problem with an internal pump air mattress, as most will have pressure regulators. However, you should be careful when straining valves and nozzles using an external pump.

Here are some more tips to stop your air mattress from deflating!

Why does my air mattress keep deflating?

Fold With Care

As this is the last step in processing the mattress, careful handling is often ignored. This is an important step, however, it needs to be done accurately to increase the longevity of your blow up bed.

Over time, the bed’s materials will extend during the folding process which increases the probability of tears developing. If your mattress already has a small hole, then incorrect folding will aggravate them and increase the leakage.

To avoid this issue, follow the folding instructions in the user manual to help keep your mattress for as long as possible.

Monitor The Temperature Of The Room

The mattress will have an optimal air level which must be maintained at all times. As previously mentioned, the air in the mattress will condense during colder weather leading the bed to deflate.

If the wind is low, then the bed isn’t high which makes it more susceptible to tears or holes.

Pay strict attention to the temperature to mitigate the chances of developing tears and holes. Make sure you check the heat when you fill up the bed and do your best to keep it throughout the night.

Look At Your Environment Before The Mattress Blows Up

This is an important piece of advice that every inflatable mattress owner should follow. Unfortunately, only a few people do so which helps them avoid the consequences.

Ensuring you have a bedroom large enough for your mattress, is essential to its upkeep and longevity.

Keep sharp objects away from your mattress as these can easily cause a puncture. If your mattress material is thin, you need to be especially careful.

Inflating your mattress on stones can also cause multiple punctures which will have sufficient force to leak out your mattress slowly.

In most cases, these punctures will be so small that you won’t even suspect that your air bed is wrong until it’s too late.

Purchase The Mattress You Need

There is a wide variety of mattresses including orthopedic air mattresses, camping mattresses and others for daily use.

This is why it is important to read reviews and guidelines to make sure you are buying a mattress that suits your needs. Doing this will help you to avoid an expensive mistake.

Do Not Use It For The First 48 Hours

After blowing up your mattress, refrain from using it for 48 hours. This is because its seams, cells and other components need time to stretch into a natural position, particularly with cheaper mattresses.

If you inflate a new mattress without weighing it, this may prevent problems during this stage.

Final Thoughts

The reasons in which air mattresses deflate is because they are not used responsibly. If you follow the tips above to follow the temperature of your room and avoid any sharp objects, then the longevity of your mattress should rapidly improve.

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